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Contact & Getting here

If you want to camp you can just come by, there is always some space.            If you want to stay in our Bungalow or Tree House we recommand you             call us in advance.

Tel. +678  71 08 656

or   +678 54 70 496

Getting here

Most likely you will come to Tanna by plane. So from the airport just ask and get on one of the trucks that go to Mt. Yasur. Just ask them to bring you to the Yasur Camping Ground (to Thomas and Robert). The transport will cost around 2000 VUV and take around 2 hours.                                                         If you come in by boat just walk to the Lenakel center (thatís left when you get of the boat) and catch a truck to Mt. Yasur (around 2000 VUV).

You can also walk, but this is only recommanded for fit walkers. Eather you follow the road to Mt. Yasur or go via the custom village of Yakel. You should plan 2 days to get to the volcano by walk. If you want to do this, give us a call, we can arrange the tour and accomodation on the way.

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